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Essential IT tools for modern dawah

Islamic centers, Muslim communities, societies, Mosques, Scholars etc

dawahBox enables you present your various jum'ah, weekly lectures, radio & TV programs etc in a centralized way, coordinated & well packaged for today's audience.

What is in the dawahBox?

Multiply the barka by creating secondary and tertiary audience for your resources!

The toolbox offers you the following tools, dedicated for you:

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Get your intellectual materials presented to the world, quick and accessbile.

Generate more money for dawah!

You have a sizable audience?

Why not generate more money to fund your dawah!

With this dawahBox addon, you can generate money through these means and more:

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Sure, you have good content.

We can implement full or partial content gating for you. You want general lectures to be free but want people to pay a token for one of those special series? Sure, as you want it.

You specify the mode, amount and receiving bank account, we build the technology for you, end-to-end.

Why should I need a dawahBox?

Q: Why do i need a box when our lectures & radio/TV programs are being recorded and shared through bluetooth, Whatsapp etc?

A: Baarakalloohu feeh, you have taken some steps already. How effective has this been? How easily can users access past resources? Can they search?

How about having a web portal and an app to engage your audience & serve as a central location for people to access your various dawah programs; accessible, organized and well packaged.

Want more international audience, we can set up an iTunes podcast system for you!

Affordable, ZERO setup cost

Setting up a similar infrastructure yourself would not cost you less than a million naira. To cater for its features, you would also need a good hosting plan where you have to pay monthly fee running into tens of thousands, among other cost. We charge a fraction of these.

Almost 10 years experience

This project is powered by The E-dawah Foundation, same team powering dawahnigeria.com (Nigeria's biggest online Islamic project), among other projects. dawahnigeria has over 300G of multimedia in 5 languages & numerous resource persons across Nigeria.

Simple to use & 'fanatic' support

Building on our experience over the years managing Islamic online dawah in Nigeria, we have built this platform to be easy to use & administer. Your webmaster would be trained on all the necessary tools and we would remain in the background guiding him, 24/7.

Mosque, Muslim Community, Islamic Center, Society, Scholar etc

Upgrade to dawah v2.0.

Create secondary & tertiary audience for your dawah!

dawahBox enables you present your various jum'ah, weekly lectures, radio & TV programs etc in a centralized way, coordinated & well packaged for today's audience.

Lets leverage on technology to amplify the message and increase reward!

You like that Mallam's lecture and want the reward of spreading beneficial content

Why not get like minds together and sponsor a dawahBox for him!

This is sodaqatul jariyah ++. Get massive rewards even while you sleep!

"...Upon that the Messenger of Allah sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam said: “The one who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of its doer.” [Muslim]